Hello and thank you for visiting my new website.

From a young age music and art have been a lasting passion for me. From the age of 10 I attended a Waldorf Steiner School which encouraged and developed my artistic senses. This led to a BA Hons degree in Fine Art at Newcastle University where I became enthralled with the historic techniques and practices of Renaissance Italy.

After University and a couple of years finding my feet (and having a lot of fun working for Architects of Air) I decided to return to education and enrolled at the Newark School of Violin Making, where I spent 4 years learning the fascinating ancient and modern techniques and sensibilities necessary to get started in my new profession. At the end of the course I applied to the world renowned workshop of Roger Hansell for the position of assistant maker. I spent 2 very busy years with Roger learning that there was at least another lifetime’s worth of study and experimentation involved in my chosen path. Roger’s incredible ability to produce not only highly visual but also tonal copies of great historic instruments has inspired me ever since.

For the past 5 years I have been developing and enhancing my new making with repair, restoration and set up at Devon Strings Workshop in Exeter, Devon, where I have learnt the highly important skills of setting up and fine-tuning instruments to make them as comfortable and responsive as they can be.

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